Saturday, March 10, 2012

guest article: On Empty-Nesting by Lisa Wingate

OK I'm finding myself slowly joining this group.  Our baby has one more year of High School then we'll be totally without babies.  This momma bird is not liking that too well.  With talking to daughter yesterday about future plans she's starting to come around where at the beginning of this school year she had no idea.  It is starting to hit her too.  Also seeing her big sister take the leap into college dorm life this fall after being home for two years at the community college she's seeing things in different light I believe.  Hate to say it but she's spreading her wings a wee bit too.

Any way I ran across this article from author/speaker Lisa Wingate and thought I'd share it with you; well.....I'm going to share a teaser and then you'll have to go to Choose Now Ministries to finish the article.

On Empty-Nesting: Letting Go Without Going Crazy

It’s funny that they call it “empty nesting” isn’t it?  I’ve been watching birds all my life, and I guess the analogy makes sense in a way—one day you’re a little single bird, and then you’re swept off your feet by a nice little boy bird with appealing plumage.  You build a cozy little nest together, lay a few eggs, end up with a hatchling that’s bald, funny looking, and noisy at first but gets cuter as it grows.  You fall in love in an entirely new way, as you feed, protect, and shelter that tiny, helpless creature.  You’d fight to the death for that precious little life you brought into this world.

Then one day you come home, and that special little someone… isn’t where you left him...(continue reading this article which includes 6 quick tips.  click here to read the rest)

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