Friday, July 17, 2020


Author: Scott Rankin
Publisher: Scott Rankin Publishing
Pages: 196
Genre: Christian Nonfiction
Our Lord desires that we become more Christ-like every day (1 Corinthians 11:1). To accomplish this goal, He tells us to rene our minds (Romans 12:2).  But how do the Christmas holidays help accomplish this goal when all the busyness and stress makes it hard to focus all our attention on Christ and rest in His peace?  In an easy-to-read format, The Christian Christmas Condition asks the question, “How does our Lord feel about Christmas today?” encouraging Christians of all ages to examine Christmas-time traditions from God’s perspective.  Filled with bible references, this study will boost your faith, increase your knowledge, and strengthen you to fully honor Jesus in the midst of Christmas, traditions, and busy holiday activities.  This powerful book further encourages all Christians to become more Christ-like in our thinking and our actions each, and every day of the year… not just in the winter holidays!


Have you ever thought of what God might think of the way we celebrate Jesus birth/Christmas?  Well in his book author, Scott Rankin helps to give a glimpse into this very thought.  Does God's Word/Scripture actually address this very thing?  Does it tell us the way God wants us to worship Him?  Rankin actually will take you through these question in this book.  As well as:  How you can celebrate the goodness of God and Jesus' birth throughout December and all year long for that matter. Can you as a Christian family redefine your Christmas spirit?  while passing on your beliefs and traditions to your children and extended family? 

If you are willing to make Christmas 2020 and beyond a Christmas that truly glorifies God and the birth of Jesus then you need to really read Scott Rankin's book The Christian Christmas Condition.  You need to read with an open mind and open Bible as Rankin gives his defense backed by Scriptures.  I loved how he said in his opening Introduction he says, "I recommend you use your Bible frequently rather than take my views as gospel truth.  God's Word is the living spoken truth that always guides un in the direction He wants us to go."  

The author uses Gideon as a guide.  He gives a brief history of the account of how Christmas as we know it has come to be today.  He gives you arguments that people use for celebrating Christmas as well as provides you with Bible based information/Scriptures to rebut the arguments. There are also 3 family Bible studies provided for you to use with your family to help you to come to your decision on how to celebrate Christmas as a family.  In the book there are also ideas for new family time traditions that you can use to replace your old traditions. 

So if you are really serious about learning how God views the way we celebrate the birth of Jesus then this would be an awesome tool to read and have in your library. 

Meet The Author

Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin graduated with a degree in music education and spent his 20’s and 30’s as a successful music director, visual designer for marching groups, and a professional clinician for high school and college music programs.
In 2009 he was injured in a bicycle accident where he was instantly paralyzed. Today as a healing quadriplegic, Scott’s passion for teaching has been re-focused from music to writing Christian books and public speaking.
Scott Rankin is a gifted educator and effective public speaker. His ability to take complex subject matter, break it into bite-size pieces, and re-assemble those through simple, logical, and enjoyable teaching techniques makes his material easy to understand and hard to forget!