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Think Green....Think Spring...

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 "Think Green...Think Spring"  
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Homesteading Carnival

This month we have one cool Carnival with many entries.  I'm also adding Mr. Linky so you can add entries that you'd like to include in the carnival this month.  

Why did I name it Think Green...Think Spring...  Well, because March is St. Patty's day and everyone is starting to see signs of Spring and think Spring.  I had two posts in my email with people already seeing robins and flowers starting to bloom.  So, I'm up here in North Dakota and we still have a good three months left of white stuff before we start seeing anything Green come alive so I'm in the mood.
First let's start our carnival with a little note of reminder from Sherri as today, Mar. 1st,  being National Peanut Butter day.  So celebrate the day and visit Sherri's post posted at about.com Family crafts for some really cool ideas on celebrating.  She has crafts, games and other activities she has shared.  Visit Peanut Butter Day Lover's Ideas.   You could hop on over to Bless their Hearts Mom and check out her yummy sounding Peanut Butter Pie recipe and make it up for a special treat to celebrate the day.  Sherri also says it is National Pig day and National share a Smile day check out her ideas by clicking on the links highlighted.

check out my Peanut Butter Dream Pie here

Do you have a Peanut Butter recipe you'd like to share?  
Post it in the Mr. Linky.  I love getting new recipes. 

Now on with the Green....

Joleen is blogging over at Jobie's Crafts is whipping up some green fun with her pinch of green headband  or you might have a little boy who would rather have the Luck of the Irish Pin she posted.  she says, "These are good crafts to make for St. Patrick's Day!"  Joleen has posted a cute pom-pom pig craft  this is "A wonderful craft to do with the kids!" if you want to celebrate National pig day.

Linda has shared a really green cake recipe that sounds quite yummy to me.  Maybe you'll want to whip up one for a St. Patty's day treat for your family.  Check out the Easy Pistachio Cake posted at Prairie Flower Farm

Before we head into our Spring section, I want to share Erik's link for the Best Homemade Chili, Easy (I like that), healthy (ok I can handle that) and cheap (I'll go for it).  This is what he says about his chili, "I’m going to reveal to you my “secret” chili recipe that a lot of people have given me compliments on in the past. And the best part about this recipe is that it costs less than $15 to buy all of the ingredients."  

Spring.... Onward, HO!

With Spring we think of cleaning and getting our house, yard and garden all spruced up.  There are many posts this week that will help to turn our attention in that way.  But before we go off on sprucing up, you might have a little set back with a sick toddler seems like this is the season.  Well, Lori has just the post to meet that need at ParentingSquad she posted 10 Ways to Entertain a sick toddler check it out.

Now on to the lovely job of Spring Cleaning... Rosa has posted 10 household Spring Cleaning tips as well as 10 types of Curtains to cover your windows.  Still inside Lisa has posted 10 fun projects to decorating your home.  Maybe you'd like to turn your attention to your office area, Cathy has just the post for you 10 ways to a truly Green office

We're heading outside now to finish up our carnival.  Laura has an unusual post on Chewing on your landscape.  This is really interesting.  She says, "The goal is an edible landscape. We're working on it!"  She blogs at Bit of Earth Farm.

No house is complete without owning a pet.  Monte has a nice post about the Benefits of Owning a Pet you may want to head over to his site and read the post.  Then you can share your knowledge that you learned during you family meeting as Alyssa has share some tips on How to hold a family meeting at ParentingSquad.  Then you'll need to head over and read Kathleen's post on tips for house breaking your puppy, that is if you get a puppy.   

That concludes our "Think Green...Think Spring" Edition of the Homesteading Carnival.  I'd like to thank everyone that posted an article.  Remember you can still add to this carnival if you have a post by adding it to Mr. Linky below or you may submit it for later posting by using this easy form here

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