Friday, December 17, 2010

waiting for....

A Hot Shower!!!!!

I bet you thought I'd say...waiting for Christmas or Santa????  Surprised ye didn't I.

Why is it mom always seems to get the last shower which is generally COLD????  Can someone explain this concept to me ~ PLEASE!

OK while I wait I'm going to post some cool links that I just came across this morning.

One was at Karen Ehman site.  Check out her The Hush Among the Hustle post. 

Here's a neat idea I love wish I would have had it when my girls were little.  I'll have to put it in the memory bank for future offspring now...

A hush among the hustle.
Could we find it this year at Christmas?
Could we model it for the children in our lives?
Here are some ideas to try, taken from our book Homespun Memories for the Heart.

~ Give the Nativity
When each of your children are young, purchase a nativity set for them to have when they are grown and leave your home. Figure out how many pieces are in the set. Then, each year, give them one piece in their stocking, timing it so that they get the last piece the year they are 18.
(see the rest of this article with other tips here)

Gooseberry Patch site has some really cool.
crafts and easy homemade goodie links posted today....
click here to head over and see what they are sharing.
just a sneak picture of a few of the items...

Hot chocolate on a stick
wreath of stars
clothes pin garland

double oreo dippers
 and so much more...  click here to go to Gooseberry Patch and get started  ooooooo and aaaaaaahhhhh -ing

thought I'd also tell you about ABC family on-line Christmas

my daughter and I watched full version of the Snowglobe on-line last night.  They have many other Christmas movies you can watch on-line.  May have to watch another one tonight.
Cool.  I love Christmas movies.  Click here to see the schedule of on-line movies.  It's over on the right hand side under heading holiday movies on-line.  Find the movie and click watch now will take you right to the page.  Cool.

Ok I need to get in the shower so I can get lunch started.  just needed to spend some time on my blog...
til next time Happy Day to you all. 

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