Friday, December 3, 2010

apron project completed....and more

Wee!!!!!!!!!!!  Slow me down.  I'm so sorry that I've been neglecting this blog the last few weeks.  It is that time of the year...My mom came for a week visit which while here we had Thanksgiving/Christmas so there were lots of preparations that kept me busy.  We finally got her home by Amtrak on Tuesday early morning hours (6hrs late) then this morning was woke by the phone to a call that my sister's son was in bad car wreck and it wasn't sounding good.  They still say he isn't out of the clear til Sunday....lots of head injuries (you may view more details on this at my bother-in-laws blog here if you wish).  Anyway I think the merry-go-round needs to stop and let me off....

Just thought I'd post pictures of daughter's apron she made for her Grandma...
She started working on it for the Nov. FNS-i but didn't get it finished
you may view the beginning stages here if you missed it (part 1) (part 2)
now for part three....

finished apron

 She did such a wonderful job on it

recipient of apron

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