Monday, October 11, 2010

MHH Challenge Week #2

This week's challenge is two-fold also: Play soft music everyday in your home. Choose worship, classical or another form of peaceful music that the family enjoys. Focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships. Remind your family to avoid seething anger, tattling, criticism or back talk. Role model gentleness this week.Courtney gives a few tips on music in the home on her blog here.  Check it out.

My favorite artist is Lorie Line.  She's awesome classical player.  My dream someday is to be at her December concert she gives here in GF every year.  I love her music.  The CD we're playing to day is...

bc line bar with bear

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  1. I have never heard of her. I love classical music though. :)

    I am really enjoying this challenge. I've been able to get more done, and I can feel God's peace beginning to permeate in our home. :)

    Have a blessed day!


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