Friday, September 3, 2010

Name that Beep

Have you ever noticed that all of today's modern technology beeps? It is so crazy anymore you have to know exactly what the beep means.
For instance:

Right now my dryer is running when it shuts off I will here a long several seconds beep. Bingo I better go get my clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkle. Since the dryer is in the basement if I'm not setting right at the basement door many times this deep does unnoticed.

Then there is the microwave, years ago it would just beep three times when the cycle was over. Now days, every time you push a button there is a beep.

OK OK the answering machine beeps if you use it to field your phone calls. You know what to do at the beep.

About two years ago my hubby got me a new stove/oven guess what it is digital. It too beeps with every push 0f the button and if you don't get it right it will beep to let you know that too. My daughter thought oh how cool. We refer to it as the oven is talking to us. I'm good at getting it to beep because I'm never telling it the right thing to do. Then when the oven is warmed up to temperature it will beep just once. And the timer that you set to remind you to check your cooking guess what. It beeps until you shut it off.

Back in july I got a new coffee maker for my birthday. Guess what???? Yep, when it is done with its brewing cycle it gives about five quick beeps. Now we are starting to get a little carried away.

I also received a waffle iron here in the last few months. Funny thing-It beeps whenever it is warmed up and after the waffle is done. It sounds just like the Alarm clock which I failed to mention my first beep of the day; everyday. Ok. Ok I think I need to add ear plugs to my daily attire. You have to really know what the beeps these days mean and listen because you may miss them.

Don't fail to mention. The smoke detectors in the house. Now you have to hunt down which one is beeping because it needs a new battery.

Beep, Beep - time to change activities.
I need a reminder to take a break from the computer.

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