Thursday, September 30, 2010

bookcase headboard

I don't think a bookcase headboard would hold all the books I have.  This is just one shelf in my house  they are packed two deep each shelf.  It's screaming for relief. Being an avid book blog reviewer saying I have lots of books is an understatement.  Before I became a BBR I had lots of books this has just added to my stash.  However, I wanted to tell you about the beautiful bookcase headboard I spied at the CNS stores on-line.  Matter-in-fact I'll show you some bookcase headboard(s) that you may find in their archives. They have you covered when it comes to style....

However, you can find just about anything for your home at an of the  200+ CSN stores.
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Visit the 

Be watching for my up-coming Review from the CSN stores online

bc line bar with bear

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  1. OMG, I do not think there is a bookcase headboard that could hold all those books indeed :))


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