Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nonexistent? Really?

This is so me right at the moment.  I'm so, so frustrated....If anyone can help me please let me know.  Where did move to???????  I had a blog with them back in 2008 and moved to this one in 2010 because they went to WordPress and I so dislike WP.  I tried to stay with them for a month and never could get it and still to this day I so dislike posting on any site that uses WP for comments.  Well, I can't find my blog stuff that I had on homesteadblogger they have just vanished and I can't find their home to log in????? what has happened in cyber space?  I'm nonexistent... really???  I really would love to know.  Now I'm going for a walk and then I'll get to my sewing projects for the day.  Error I keep getting I've even googled them and can't locate them.  ARGH!

404 Error

We couldn't find the page you were looking for. The page may have moved to a new location, or you may have mistyped the address. If you got here by following a link, it may help to go back, refresh the page, and try again.

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  1. I blogged there for years and left when the ads became part of the "new" look. Once again they moved to another platform just about a month or so ago. Homesteadblogger is officially gone as far as I know and homeschoolblogger is now schoolhouse families. Its a Ning type platform. Its sad cause I loved those sites before the "upgrades" a few years ago.


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