Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Raise your PomPoms

WIPs on Wednesdays

OK it's coming and in honor of the blog hop I'm going to be participating in I thought I'd show you the tool I bought to make my project that will be posted later this month in the blog hop.  Also I'm going to share a few links I've found on making some interesting PomPoms...

First my pompom maker that I acquired from JoAnn Fabrics.  I'm a bargain hunter so went looking @ different places (Micheals, Wal-Mart and JoAnns were my choices here) to get the best deal for my money...I got the two pompom makers sets (4 different sizes) for the price of one set using my JoAnn's 50% off coupons.  WooHoo for Me!!!   This is the coolest tool.

They look confusing, but once you make one you'll be hooked.

The instructions are right on the back of the package.  You can also watch this Utube video on using the pompom maker

First I'm going to show you what the pompom maker looks like ~

this is what the pompom maker looks like all closed up
this is what the pompom maker looks like all opened up
even comes apart at the middle
Now let's put it back together and grab some yarn for making the pompoms. 

To make my pompoms for my OOOOO.....oh, I about told you what I was, no, I can't do that. For my project  I chose to use two colors cause I couldn't decide which I wanted a dark or lighter so I made them two toned...the project turned out really nice with the two tone I was glad I went that way makes it look more real.  

You take the yarn and start wrapping it around two sections of the pompom maker.  Make sure you have two sections.  My first time I didn't and had to unwind all the yarn.  You'll have to hold on to the ends to get stared, but once you wrap the yarn around the ends to hold it you'll be fine.  Just start wrapping around and around.  The more yarn you use the fuller your pompom.

what your gadget looks like once you have the yarn wound and closed.

Both sides wound and closed looks like a donut. 

Now with sharp scissors you carefully cut between the two pieces all the way around.  Be sure to keep the gismo closed.

what is looks like after you've cut all the way around

Now take a piece of yarn and wrap it around the center of the gadget where you just cut pulling tightly.  tying several times into knots.  It should disappear down into the pompom maker this is tying your pompom in the center. 

once you have it tied open the gismo and pull apart and your pompom emerges.

fluff...trim long straggles and Presto you have your beautiful Pompom

 I just loved how the pompoms turned out.  

this is my WIPs for this week getting ready to show you the final project during the blog hop. 

here are a few cool links I found while looking for projects:
scrappy fabric pompoms...even show you how to make your own pompom maker similar to this one, but of course homemade.
one minute yarn pompom
simple tissue paper pompom with tutorial 
DIY tissue pompom
Pompom ornament
Tulle Pompom 
Whimsical pompom topiary 
pompom topiary
pompom lampshade
pompom garland
pompom wreath

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