Monday, October 29, 2012

Undaunted DVD

Undaunted is a 60 minute inspirational movie portraying Josh McDowell's early life.  It is a cross between a documentary and drama film.  McDowell, himself, narrates throughout the film.  It is a very gripping movie as McDowell tells of the abuse of his alcoholic father and a  hired man that also sexually abused him.  It takes you from early childhood about age 8 through his college days.  I heard only one swear word as it spilled from his drunken father during the whole movie presentation.  If you are one that likes commentary and drama then you'll probably like this movie.  A movie of inspiration and learning to forgive those that have done us wrong. 

For more inforamtion about Undaunted visit here.

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A copy of this DVD was provided by ALRC in exchange for my honest review.

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