Friday, July 13, 2012

question(s) of the DAY!

We haven't done an Aloha Friday in awhile so thought today would be a good day there are two places that I'm going to post my AF to.  Each one asks a different question so here they are.   Leave a comment with your answer if you wish.....

First place is @ An Island Life  her question this week is....

When you’re short on time, what’s your favorite quick meal?

Answer:  Spaghetti  

What is your favorite summertime drink?

Answer:  Sun Tea

Don't forget about the FNSI tonight over @ Heidi's Don't know what FNSI is check out the details here.  I'm going to be sewing early today because of wedding tonight.  My plans are to sew from 1-3 but somewhere around the world it is night time and others will be sewing with me.

Now I must be off and get a little bike ride in ....

I don't know why because later this morning I have to walk a little ways to pick up my daughter's car from the mechanic.  BUT none-the-less flowers are needing a little drink of water at the church so I must ride my bike...OR walk to water them anyway I could use the exercise.  Happy day to you all.... and I hope you all decide to get some sewing in today.


  1. WE love spaghetti also and sweet tea!!

  2. love grilled cheese and lemonade come answer my aloha question at

  3. sun tea! love it love it love it!!!!!

  4. I'm a lemonade person.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Short on time: Pasta ! Always. It's quick and easy.

    Drink: I like water :)

    Happy Friday

  6. Quick meal on the run for me is a quick sandwich or a bowl of cereal. :) Favorite summertime drink is ice tea or iced green tea - if it's the happy hour sort of drink, pina colada or rum and coke. :)

    The Sears Auto Center Incident

  7. Passion Ice Tea Lemonade from Starbucks!


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