Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brownie Surprise

Tempt my Tummy Tuesdays

Haven't shared a recipe in awhile so today I thought I'd share a fun super easy twist on Brownies.  I call it Brownie Surprise, because of the yummy chocolatey middle.  My mom made these last fall when we were home visiting her.  To make them yummy you need lots of candy bars that is the secret.  OK OK so here is the recipe.

just look at that layer of milk chocolate.  Oh to die for.  That is what makes these brownies.

1 - 9x13 box mix of fudge brownie ( I cheat using a box mix.  You can make your brownie mix from scratch if you wish.  you'll need what ever ingredients that your recipe calls for)
6-8 milk chocolate candy bars - 1.5 or so oz. bar size 

1.) Make the brownies as per box instructions. 
2.) in greased 9x13 pan spread about half the brownie mixture
3.) now layer your candy bar across the pan don't leave a spot without candy bar
4.) cover the candy bar layer with remainder of brownie mix. 
5.) bake as brownie directions call for.
6.)  allow to cool and then cut and see the surprise that awaits....

The creamy chocolatey center is just to die for.  it is oh, so melting.  I couldn't believe how perfect this turned out equal amount of brownie layer on top and bottom. 


  1. Imagine how good this would be if you used one of the brownie mixes with caramel. Yum :)


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