Friday, February 3, 2012

Love is in the Air

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Check out this tutorial on making this cute tote bag

Scarves are in fashion check out some new ways to wear them:


Make this Heart Garland picture @ Mom's Best Bet

Try you hand at a necklace from eighteen 25

Jessica Chipps presents Black Pean Pasta - Homemade posted at Mosquito Creek Farm.

Linda@NHE presents Cheddar Potato Soup Recipe posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Learn the secrets of making the best pot of soup and try out this delicious cheddar potato soup recipe!"

Tyler presents Serious about Celery posted at Weight Loss Tips, saying, "I hope you find this article fitting for your readers! Celery is a great vegetable for every home garden - many people overlook it!

Laura Grace Weldon presents Creative Tactics For Eating Frugally & Well posted at Bit of Earth Farm, saying, "Eat well and save in ways you might not have considered."

jacky presents 8 ways to make a small garden look big posted at small garden love.

Tony presents 6 great reasons to grow your own food posted at Beat Unemployment, saying, "Whether you live on many acres or in an apartment, anyone can grow at some some of their own food. Here are six great reasons why you should."

Dina-Marie Oswald presents Redecorating - Paint It! posted at Dimes2Vines, saying, "Redecorating does not have to be expensive. Moving into the first phase of our house at the vineyard, I wanted to add some pizzazz to certain pieces of furniture. It was actually easy and turned out great!"

Fred Lee presents A 7-Day Plan to Prepare Your Home for Guests posted at Parenting Squad.

Gas heaters presents Gas Heater Efficiency posted at gas heater, saying, "Gas heaters are a wonderful source of heat and can be used both indoors and outside. They may be permanent or portable and sometimes use natural gas, while others use liquefied petroleum gas."

Tyler presents The Best Workout: When You Have No Weights posted at Weight Training, saying, "I hope you find this article fitting for your readers! It's got great workout ideas for staying at home!

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