Saturday, February 18, 2012

4+ hours of Bliss

Handmade by Heidi

Well my Friday night Sew-in was just that.  I closed up the house and turned on the lights, (room lights, lava light, and candle (apple cinnamon oh, yummy smell filled the house) put on the music added some food and away I stitched all night.  Was seated on my comfy couch seat from 4-9 pm.  Well, I took a short break to make me some supper....

it was a quick one, had some serious sewing to do.  Chicken sandwich but it was yummy
and of course I had to top it off with a little sssshhhh don't tell item....

my own homemade Chocolate Mint mocha topped with cool whip and kisses too.
had to take a quick break to pull laundry out of the dryer and use the little girls room, but other than that I had my little ol' self planted right on the couch all night long.....

while I listened to my favorite music

what else than Threads of Love by Lorie Line
oh she's good! 
I'd love to go to her concert some day.
Yes!  I'm a fan!!!!!

oh, before I started in the living room I made my contribution to my mom's quilt that I'm making for her....

Ultimately my whole night was working on the quilt in a round-about-way.
You see mom asked me to make this cross-stitch for her 

Saying:  Grandpa and Grandma's House 
where cousins become best friends.

and so I thought it would be fun to make it into a quilt and have grand-kids and great-grand kids make quilt square to add to it.  I haven't figured it all out yet and I don't know what the outcome will look like, but non-the-less in my mind I think it will work.  ;-P 

here are two of the 40 some squares....

I sure hope it turns out.  I have more squares to get in the mail so I can get them back.  However, the cross-stitching part isn't done yet so we aren't ready for assembly quite yet.  So without further ado here is what the cross-stitch is looking like.....

before FNSI

After FNSI
It's taking shape quite well.  I just hope the final product turns out just as good.  
Sew is what I did last night.
How about you? What did you get accomplished last night?

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