Monday, August 15, 2011

You know you're a Mom when....

Today's special feature is Trish's article on
You know you're a mom when.....

Motherhood is a strange and wondrous adventure. One you can hardly prepare for even in the best of circumstances. Now that I have been a mom for almost sixteen years, I have seen many sides of motherhood. Some bring out the best in me, and some the worst. But one thing I know for sure, all moms are on this journey together.

You know you are a mom if you have UFO’s on your kitchen floor. Not the space alien kind, but the Unknown Food Object that has been petrified into a hard, crisp substance unidentifiable to the naked eye.

You know you are a mom if you know that iCarly lives with her big brother, Spencer, and that he is an artist (of the weirdest stuff) and has even designed a 20 foot tall cup of Starbucks coffee (which I can sort of respect).

Head over to author Trish Berg's blog to get the rest of the scoop of knowing when you are a mom....(click here)

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