Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Grandpa Hugs by Laura Neutzling

Book Description

Grandmas are for kisses, and grandpas are for great big hugs! Grandpas are fun! They go on adventures, tell silly jokes, say funny things, and love to eat treats. This adorable board book celebrates how wonderful spending time with Grandpa can be!

Little ones and grandpas alike will love Grandpa Hugs, the charming, rhyming storybook about how special a grandpa can be to a child. This companion to the acclaimed Grandma Kisses celebrates grandfathers and all the love and fun they bring to the special grandkids in their lives.

Whether it is a gift from a grandfather to his grandchild, a grandchild to her grandpa, or as a sweet, creative birth announcement for a first-time grandpa, Grandpa Hugs is bound to warm the hearts of everyone who reads it.
Sweet, adorable, charming are just a few words that describe this book telling of a Grandpa and grandchild relationship. It describes some of the fun and memorable things that they find to do together.  The soft pastel colors in the illustrations match the tone of love that is shared in the grand bond.  The cover is cushioned hardback  and the pages are durable cardboard to withstand the reading and rereading of this wonder treasure that I'm sure any child is going to want to put the book through.  This book will be added to the church nursery library.  

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