Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gramma Darling by Lissa Schroeder

This book is an absolutely WOWZER! if there is such a word.  I was very stunned and drawn in right from the start by just taking a picture walk.  The illustrations are so detailed.  You think they are real.  They come alive.  They make the story.  As an adult the whole way through reading the book, I was going back and reliving my childhood.  There is a warm, nostalgic mood through out this book.  It is an amazing book.   Beautiful in message and illustration.  Just take a picture walk and see for yourself watch the book trailer below.    

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Alaskan author Lissa Schroeder has released a delightful new book for children, parents, and grandparents that paints a nostalgic picture of unhurried summer days at a dear grandmother’s house.
Beautifully written—and stunningly illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami—Gramma Darling offers a taste of childhood. Seen through the eyes of a child, every discovery is full of innocence and wonder…from an attic brimming with treasures to running through the fields at twilight catching fireflies. Readers will laugh and share in the adventures of the child’s world: the baby birds, the gardening, the stormy days, and bedtime baths. And through it all, in the background, is Gramma Darling and her laughter, providing nurturing, protection and unconditional love. Most importantly, we get a glimpse into her wisdom—her genuine genius for simply loving—that inspires wholehearted lifetime devotion.
This is a book that will appeal to children, but it will also leave parents, grandparents and caretakers feeling uplifted and looking for ways to spend quality time with the little ones in their own lives.
 About the author:
Lissa Schroeder is a gifted teacher, an engaging public speaker, and a licensed minister. She has taught all over Alaska at retreats, conferences, home school workshops, and more. A born storyteller, she paints vivid emotional pictures that are inspiring and hopeful, that make your heart soar and leave you smiling. Mostly, she has raised three amazing kids, homeschooling from preschool to med school. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, with her husband of 25 years and their youngest son, where she owns and runs a home school curriculum store.
A copy of this book was provided by Bostick Communications and the author in exchange for my honest review.
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