Friday, May 27, 2016

John Bloom and the Victory Garden: Digging In by Leigh Shearin

About the Book

Title: John Bloom and the Victory Garden: Digging In
Author: Leigh Shearin
Genre: Children's Historical Fiction
Number of Pages: 106
Publication Date: January 22, 2016
 The fun continues in Appleside, NJ, as John Bloom and his pals live, laugh, and watch the incredible events of late 1942 as they unfold across the world. The attack on Pearl Harbor has brought America into the global war, and everyone's involved- even children! Join them as they do what they can to help with the war effort, even from a small, rural, American town.



Boys will be boys and that is exactly what this book portrays.  Back in the good 'ole days when kids actually played outside and used their imagination, not setting around playing in front of a computer screen with someone that is thousands of miles away that they don't even know.  This book takes ya back to roamed the neighborhoods, played in the fields or woods, and bonded with each other through thick and thin.  The book is a slow paced book, but does show how a town in 1942 can come together and bond, build friendships and with one goal in mind winning a war.  Good historical elements for children to learn. 

About the Author: Leigh Shearin

Leigh Shearin is a farmer, writer, photographer, baker, and lifetime dreamer.

Leigh earned a B.A. degree in Studio Art at Maryville College and worked as a graphic artist before earning an ASS degree in Culinary Art.  She has worked as a chef, baker and culinary arts instructor.  Most recently, she and her husband bought rural land and are developing Winter'Rest, a small farm in central New York.  Through all this, Leigh wrote stories and poems…some published; some tucked away.

She is happiest living off the land and is an ardent supporter of local and sustainable farms, farmers and practices. Seasonal fresh produce from Winter'Rest Farm is even on the menus of some Farm-to-Fork restaurants in the Central New York. Leigh is also an accomplished photographer, working in Fine Art Photography from age 20, under the name M. Leigh Emery.

Leigh writes fiction stories for middle-grade readers. Along with illustrator Kate Shearin, Leigh spins tales of self-sufficiency and independence, along with gentle agriculture education. Since historical fiction is also a lifetime interest, Leigh uses true stories of the past to bring inspiration and joy to modern-day children.

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