Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Biblical story of JOSEPH


JOSEPH: Beloved Son, Rejected Slave, Exalted Ruler

Based on the powerful Old Testament story, the 90-minute animated feature film from the makers of Torchlighters and Jesus: He Lived Among Us recounts the story of Joseph, the favored son sold into slavery by his jealous brothers only to become second in command of Egypt.

Joseph is a young dreamer, spoiled by his father and so resented by his brothers that they secretly sell him to a slave trader. Eventually landing in the dungeons of Egypt, the young man who lacked nothing suddenly finds himself alone, forgotten, and overwhelmed with despair. Yet it is in this deep prison that Joseph begins to change, and in his humility he cries out to God. 

As the years pass, his growing faith and gift for interpreting dreams bring him to the attention of the Pharoah, who exalts the young man to a prominent position. Having learned humble obedience to God, Joseph becomes instrumental not only in saving Egypt but the brothers who initially betrayed him. Joseph is a moving story that powerfully demonstrates God's hand in all things, big and small. 

For ages 5 and up.

This animated DVD is definitely for older kids because of the length.  I'm not sure younger kids would set too long for this dvd.  We are in need of wonderful Christian movies for children to watch.  What better thing to give them to watch then a Bible story in animation form.  I did think in some points Joseph was portrayed as being show off, smart alec, bragger, arrogant.  I can't say I've read in the Bible that he was this type of person.  I think the shadowing of the characters kind of made them look scary at times (example:  sometimes have the face was light and other half dark, or they looked patchwork.)  I have seen better quality children's Bible story dvds. 

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