Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Stories and Prayers by Kathleen Long Bostrom

Celebrate the real meaning of Easter with your kids. This special edition of Little Blessings books includes four books in one: Who is Jesus, Why is there a Cross, What about Heaven, and What is Prayer.

Each title is designed to help kids learn more about Jesus and his sacrifice for us. This volume includes a special note from author Kathleen Bostrom on how to help kids understand the meaning of Easter and the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.

Full-color art of the adorable characters draws kids in and makes them want to hear the stories over and over again. Scripture references support each answer to the questions so parents can study more.

Make Easter about Jesus this season.

This is a lovely book of rhyming stories and prayers to answer your littlest ones questions about Easter.  Four chapters with Bible related themes.  Why is there a Cross?  Who is Jesus, What is Prayer, and What about Heaven.   Wonderful teaching tool.  Each page has beautiful rhyming meter with scripture references to look up about the theme.  I like that fact that they provide just the reference for you to look up in the version of your choice.  The illustrations are adorable in soft pastel colors.  They set the mood perfectly.  Only one part I didn't agree on was the fact of Good Friday tradition.  Many do celebrate Good Friday as the day Jesus died, but there are some that hold to His death on Thursday.  That is the only thing I did find.  Wonderful stories for youngsters to be exposed to.  This one will go into the church library.  

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