Friday, November 21, 2014

Adventure of Nutty and Twittles OH Nuts! I lost my little sister by Dennis Marcoux


Adventures of Nutty and Twittles is a cute story about the forest animals and their adventure playing a game of hide n seek.  When one animal friend comes up missing in the dark forest and the other forest animals set out looking for her.  Marcoux has written this book with  3-8 year olds in mind.  Beginning readers will find this book fun to read on their own.  The illustrations are adorable, big, bold, colorful and cheery.  In the end the reader gets to infer where they think Twittles was hiding out?  The author doesn't come out and tell you in the story where she was.  And the last sentence of the story is....Do you think you know where Twittles was hiding?  Good discussion, infering and opinion use of this book.  On the back of the book cover you'll also find a cute poem on Why read? 

Visit the book spot light here for more information about Adventures of Nutty and Twittles.


An ecopy of this book was provided in exchange for my honest review by World of Ink

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