Friday, August 8, 2014

Playing with my new Toy

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday because on the real date I was out-of-town.  My daughters got me a new toy...It is a ruffler foot for my sewing machine.

so I started to play with it this week.
after a little messing around I finally got it attached properly. 

after much trail and error ... a few broken needles and some jamming of the needle in the down position.  We got some result.
tweeking gave even different results
and here is what you get when you ruffle (pleat) both top and bottom of the fabric.....
Lesson isn't a foot you can go fast with.  You must sew very slowly with this foot.  Take it from the pro...I broke needles and jammed the needle in down position many of times.  But I'm learning.  ;P 

Be watching for...

 photo gbifalllinelvspumpksqrls_zpseee441fd.gif

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