Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's that time again....

Handmade by Heidi

I always wait with great anticipation for the monthly sew-in to come.  I'm left by myself as much as three or four nights a week because of everyone's work schedules.  So I look forward to Friday Night Sew-In and pray it'll fall on a night when everyone has to work.  Well, I'm bummed....This week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and guess what .......Saturday I'm alone by my lil' ol' self, but hubby doesn't have to work on Friday night.....ARGH!!!  Don't know if I'll get any sewing in on Friday night or not, but I'm setting up tonight and Saturday as sewing times.  I've been cutting my pieces for my quilt all month when I've been alone.  Maybe tonight I'll have to take pictures of the cutting process...  Any way the Nov FNSI is already upon us tomorrow night.  Don't know what the sew-in is all about well head over to this spot and check out the details....then head over to Heidi's post here and tell her to count you in.   I hope to get something done tomorrow whether it is sewing on my quilt or working a few stitches on the cross-stitch.  Be watching for my progress report.  Happy Sewing everyone.

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