Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post Note Tuesday ~ Wanted: One Great DAD

Only Parent Chronicles

Today I'm going to do Post Note Tuesday a little different.  Since this coming weekend is Father's Day I'm going to highlight on the post notes some quotes taken from two books that I'm giving away on my book blog.  Check out the details here, after you read to the end of the post of course.  You don't want to miss out on any good quotes.  I trust you'll enjoy them.  I have chose a lot of them because I just couldn't decide which were best. 
The two books I'm featuring quotes from are project dad by Todd Cartmell and first-time dad by John Fuller.

There you have it folks quotes from two good books that I'm giving away to one winner.  Check out the details here Tell me you read the quotes for a bonus entry.

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  1. Oh those are great and something more need to read. It is soo important for fathers to be involved. I found you through post it note Tuesday and am now following you. You can find me at http://yestheyrallmine.com


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