Friday, April 1, 2011

Raisels anyone??:??

 Ok I recieved a giveaway that I won in the mail today so thought I'd just show it off.

 I had never heard of Raisels before.  Have you??  I won them on Here and There blog 
well the samples came today.  four different flavors.
  •  Sour Orange Burst ~  Big Bang Sour taste
  •  Sour Lemon Burst ~ Out of this World sour taste
  • Sour Peach Pucker ~ Irresistibly loveable sour taste
  • Sour Apple Tko ~Rock 'em Sock 'em sour taste
So I had daughter sample a pack to sample.  She chose the sour orange burst

little skeptical at first
verdict is in
 Daughter, who doesn't like raisins:  "Oh, like gummys.  MMMMMMM  sugar, lots of it.  Pucker-power too"

Mom, who loves raisins:  Very sweet if you ask me almost too sweet.  I prefer plain old raisins.  Very fruity taste. 

Apple milder taste. "really taste like apple, apple peal and all," says daughter.
Lemon "nice and lemony, much like lemonade," from daughter who loves lemonade.  I thought they'd be more pucker power than the orange, but not so.
Peach could smell them the peach smell when you opened the shrink warp package.  Daughter says, "nice and sweet like a fresh peach"  peach is her favorite.  They really do taste like a peach.  I think I have to agree with daughter peach is my favorite with maybe apple close behind.

Can't tell they are raisins if you weren't looking at them.

Now we are on sugar-high.

The orange were definitely the most strongest, fruitiest, sweetest and pucker-power, coated in sugar.
There you have it folks.  Now you are going to have to go out and find some raisels or check out raisels on-line here.

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