Saturday, January 22, 2011

progress was made...

Last night was the night for the Jan. sew-in hosted by Heidi and Bobbi.

My daughter and I didn't get as early of a start on sewing as I was hoping, but none-the-less progress was made on our flannel "I SPY" rag quilt.  After spending some time shoveling out we had to have nourishment..... So what else than party time....

PIZZA, chips-n-salsa, and pop
We broke out the sewing machine about 4:30 pm and sewed until 8 pm.

time to thread her up
while daughter maned the machine mom marked the squares with "Xs" and stacked three squares together for her to grab-n-sew.

We sewed 360 - 5 inch flannel squares together in threes.  It went fast we had quite the system going.

Making final total of 120 - 5 inch "I SPY" squares for a rag quilt.  Which we will start sewing together next month during FNSi

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  1. Well.. the two of you certainly accomplished a lot during FNSI! Absolutely WeLL DoNE! :)


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