Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Accomplished, but MUCH Hope!

Now for our Friday Night Sew-In Reprot. DD got more accomplished than mom. She was able to put finishing touches on her cross-stitch: outline and beads. Now, it's ready to be turned into a journal cover for Grandma. Another day's project. We have to get the material for the rest of the cover. She also helped mom work on skirt for her.

Mom on the other hand had trouble. I started a tier skirt for dd to take to camp at the end of July. Hopefully, we'll get it completed. One thing that went wrong is sewing machine had an attitude; it didn't like the thin crepe fabric. My sewing machine is so temperamental. You have to take it apart each time and clean it (and I mean take it apart every time), you have to have the thread pulled just right when you thread it, you have to use the right needle # (according to fabric weight) and it doesn't like sewing only 1 layer of fabric (bad news, as to make gather stitches you only use one layer of material). We did lots of ripping out last night because the bobbin thread wanted to ball up. Oops can't pull gather threads when you have knots in it.

Next problem, now I have to find another material to make one more tier for her skirt. The three tiers aren't long enough. Ugh! But it isn't all sewn together so we don't have to tear it apart to add new tier. I just laid it together for the picture. I bought this material from Wal-Mart, I'm hoping that Jo-Ann's fabric which is similar pattern will work with this material. If it does it will be super cool. They have a similar crepe material with much smaller daisies than what I have in the second tier in pic above. So I'll make tier 2 with the small daisies and tier three will be the larger daisies.

Mom made some progress, but there was lots of ripping out because the sewing machine had an attitude. I'd love a new sewing machine. I've had problems with this one since day one (over 25 years ago) just have put up with it, but it can be very trying at times. Unfortunately, I think it was the make and model of Singer that was bad. It has been one big LEMON; I've had to deal with.

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