Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Planning on sewing

Handmade by Heidi

This Friday it the date put it on your calendar.  I plan on sewing on Friday...more than likely during the day time hours as that is what my schedule will allow.  But I will be sewing and somewhere around the world it will be night and other will be sewing also.  I have many projects in the fire and really need to get a moving on them all.  Sew stay tune for my progress report on Saturday.  Don't know what the sew-in is all about them check out the details here.  Oh, and by the way July-Oct. we have a new host, Wendy @ Sugarlane Quilts, will be filling in for Heidi and Bobbie

I'll be working on this sewing project. 

Here are some items I found to include in my apron.

few items I bought

Made this for the Wanda E. Brunstetter challenge

Be on the look out for these up coming blog hops I'm participating in. 

fabric Tuesday

butterfly changing colors photo butterfly_zps353e18d0.gif

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