Saturday, July 6, 2013

Going Through the Motions

I'm working on quilt for my mom with the help of all the grandkids and great grandkids.  This week while working on boardering the 30 + quilt squares  I decided to chain them together since I was just sewing straight down all four sides that way I didn't have to stop and start after each side and I could just feed them through the sewing machine much quicker that way.  Then at the end you have this long chain and mess that must be cut apart but it beats starting and stopping every six inches or so.  Any way so I'm clipping along get all of the boarders on one side and start working on the second side get done with the second side and get ready to take them to the ironing board to clip and iron the seams.  All of the sudden the boarders start falling off...right away I know what had happened.  I hadn't been paying attention to my bobbin thread while pushing the squares through the sewing machine and I had just thought I was sewing on the boarders.  So I started collecting the boarder pieces to see how far back I had to go and I couldn't believe it only 3 of them were sewn.  The other 30+ I had just gone through the motions of sewing the boarders on and hadn't accomplished one thing, not what a seamstress wishes to see at the end. 

Then later in the day while talking with my sister about my experience she said, "Have you heard the song, Going through the Motions?"  of course I hadn't so she said, "Google it and listen to it.  Your experience..It'll preach,  sister."

So I found the youtube and listened.  It got me to thinking about our Christian walk are we just ho hum and go through the motions daily, bored to the core.  Are you just "Going through the motions?" or are we really excited about Christ, His work and living for Him? 

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