Thursday, September 20, 2012

All Things Possible by Mark Schultz

Ok so I've been putting it off and putting it off so now is the time to mean business.  I've had this cd for some time and just keep telling myself I'll get the review posted.  So I decided that there is no good time like the present.....

If you like contemporary Christian music then Mark Schultz "All things Possible" would probably make a hit with you.  Myself I'm not too into Contemporary Music but I'm on the older side.  The younger crowd will probably love this cd.  My teen daughter didn't seem to mind it as we listened to the cd.  I'm sure my 20 year old would approve of it also.  There was one song I thought ended very abruptly though I told my daughter "well, that just ended like now."  there was no leading up to it or nothing.  So we checked to see the title of the song and it was Be Still.  Kind of had to laugh I said, "Well, it definitely got still."  I think the title song was one of my faves on the cd "All Things Possible".

Here is s listing of the songs on the CD:
  • All Things Possible
  • It is Well
  • One Day
  • I Gave Up 
  • Love Walked In 
  • More to You
  • Be Still
  • What do you give a King
  • Haven't Met you Yet
  • I will Love you Still
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A copy of this CD was provided by the Media Collective in exchange for my honest review.

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