Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let the FUN times Roll!

Tomorrow night is the night!!!!! YES!! My daughter and I have been waiting patiently for this night to come.  She even asked me this week when it was.  Can't believe it has been only a month since the last sew-in seems like it's been longer than that.  I know, I know we can sew any time, but just seems life takes over.  If I had a dream sewing room I probably would sew more. About 17 years ago I did have a nice little nook corner set aside and loved it and used it often.  I didn't have to worry about setting up and taking it down again.  Now I don't have that little area in this house.  Hubby tired to give me that in this house but it was in the dark musty basement.  I used it for awhile, but it got to where my sewing area kept loosing it's space to his work shop and now my sewing counter has been taken over by a computer and a TV, so much for my work space.  I don't like the dark musty basement anyway so if I sew I have to lug the stuff up stairs when I want to use it.  Motivation doesn't come easy for that chore most of the time.  I love to sew and wish it was more convenient.  All that to say we are looking forward to the Sew-in and thank Heidi and Bobbi for such a time as this every month to get motivated.  Since my daughter is so motivated we may even start early in the afternoon just because.  Stay in jammies all day, OH, YEAH that would be great!  She'd love that I'm sure.  Make a sew-in day.  I like it the more I think about it.  Guess we'll have to see how all goes.  school?  who wants to do school when you can sew.  Just have home ec all afternoon.  OK, OK this teacher has something to think about.  So what is a sew-in?  Well, head over to Heidi's @ Handmade by Heidi and check it out and join us in the fun Tomorrow night.  click here to go to the sew-in sign up page 

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