Thursday, October 8, 2015

If He Had Not Come by David Nicholson

Book Description

If He Had Not Come, a Christmas story by Nan F. Weeks set in the ‘30s, asks the profound question: What if Jesus Christ had never come to Earth? David Nicholson provides a refreshing update to this timeless classic, originally included in Cynthia Pearl Maus’ anthology entitled, Christ in the Fine Arts. Through an eye-opening, somewhat bewildering dream, a young boy discovers some of the enormous changes the world would face if Jesus had never come to Earth.

The message of Christmas is for everyone though this is a children's book any age can benefit from the message in its pages.  It is a book that gives you food for thought.  What if Jesus had never come?....  I can't say I was impressed with the ecopy of this book seemed a bit off in the layout process.  I am a physical book person.  I want to have the book in my hands.  For the message yes.  I'd recommend it. 

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