Monday, May 6, 2013

You know you have Teenagers when...part1

You Know You Have Teenagers When... 
by Trish Berg, author and speaker
(posted Jan 2013) 

Struggling with loads of laundry, clutter in the kitchen and chaos in your life? Stress can easily steal our joy. Trish Berg reminds us to simplify the small stuff and find Joy in the Journey.

I remember the days when I was awakened at five in the morning by a child standing over my bed, leaning in with his face an inch from my nose, breathing on me scaring me half to death. Now I have three teenagers and a tween whom I can hardly drag from bed in the mornings. Oh, I remember the days of diapers, finger-foods and potty training which have been replaced by driving tests, Facebook and Pinterest. Boy how time flies when you are having fun.

So how do you know you have teenagers in your house? Well, here are a few hints. You know you have teenagers when…

…When the name “mom” is said in a high pitched tone with six syllables – “m – o – o- -o – o –m!!!”

…You have three blow dryers, two straighteners, four curling irons and a million bobby pins in your bathroom drawers.

…You find stray bobby pins on your carpet and kitchen floor daily.

(You may read the rest of Trish's You know you have teenagers when..article here.)

*Note from Me.....I think I should write you know you have Young Adults in the house when.... I'm at the YA stage we have past teenage years,  no empty nest at this house.

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