Thursday, January 31, 2013

room organizer & space saver ideas

I have seen these pictures of room organizers/ space savers that are cool.  I take no credit in the ideas and I can't say where for sure they have come from just saved the pictures and thought they were neat ideas.  the first one is the only one I documented where it came from before me.

I saw this cleaver idea for storing scarves on Modest Mom blog and had to share it. You just hang a towel bar on back of door and loop scarves over it. how easy and cleaver is that.

The others I have no idea where they came from just cool ideas.....

got a narrow empty hidden space string up two lines of wire and presto now you have a place to store the rolls of gift wrap. 

Put your laundry space in hiding

hidden in the wall cabinet shelving

make use of the wide doorway space

hidden pantry

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