Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Work In Progress (WIPs) more progress was attempted

WIPs on Wednesdays

I came across Esther's Blog this week and found that she does WIPs on Wednesdays meme.  Sew, I dug a little deeper to see what exactly that was.  I found out it means work in progress (WIP).  Since I've been posting my cross stitch only on FNSI with Heidi and Bobbi I thought I'd share it here because I have worked on it a few times since last month's FNSI.  Which reminds me I won't be able to do FNSI this month because it is scheduled for July 22nd and I'll be at church camp that week.  However, be sure to head over to Heidi's and sign up for the July FNSI.   I was sew disappointed that I'm going to have to miss this month's FNSI.   I figured I'd better work on my cross-stitch  more than once a month or I'm not going to get this thing finished in my mom's (because that is who it it for) life time nor mine either if I don't get a humpin' on it.  ;P  Sew I worked on it last week a little bit and here is what was accomplished....

cross-stitch after June's FNSI


All that to say this..."Head over to Esther's Blog and check out what others are posting for their WIPs and join the fun by adding your own WIPs to the linky posted there. 


  1. very pretty I haven't touch my cross stitch in ages. Have fun

  2. What beautiful cross stitch. I haven't hand stitched for a while. Thank you for joining in WOW (WIPs On Wednesdays). It's the little progress steps that make the overall difference, that's why I love trying to finish something...or at least acknowledge that there is something which needs finishing -each week.


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