Friday, February 27, 2015

Veggie Tales - Noah's Ark

NOAH’S ARK will be available March 3 

on DVD and digital download

Starring Wayne Brady and Jaci Velasquez, along with Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato and a whole crew of Veggies.

Noah and his family along with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. After 40 days and nights of rain, everyone’s faith has been tested, and they’re ready to jump ship. Will they chart a new course, or will they remember to trust God’s promises? Grab your umbrellas and find out in this VeggieTales re-telling of the beloved Bible story, Noah’s Ark!

In NOAH'S ARK, Brady, the multi-Emmy® award-winning host of one of TV’s most famous game shows, Let’s Make a Deal, and star of Whose Line Is It Anyway, brings to life Noah’s son Shem, who first questions, then learns to embrace, his father’s direction from God. Christian singer, actress and radio host Jaci Velasquez co-stars as Shem’s wife, Sadie.

 In NOAH’S ARK, Shem and Sadie return home from their honeymoon to find that Noah (played by Pa Grape) has begun, at God’s direction, to work on a massive ark, which his wife Naamah (played by Madame Blueberry) and sons Ham (played by Larry) and Japheth (played by Bob) are helping construct before the start of 40 days and 40 nights of rain. But Shem doesn’t understand Noah’s unshakable faith in God, particularly when animals start arriving two-by-two – while the rain is nowhere to be seen. When the deluge does come, Shem begins to understand Noah’s determination to preserve humanity’s future … and the importance of trusting in God.

NOAH’S ARK also features a brand-new “Silly Songs With Larry” segment.

There back with a new Bible lesson:  Trusting God.  Perfect for the whole family, but your younger ones are going to love the music and animation of this Biblical story of Noah's Ark.  The special features consist of:
  • a family discussion guide
  • downloadable activities 
  • songs to sing-along with 
  • a jukebox of about 10 songs to listen to
Visit here and pre-order your copy of this dvd.

Would you like to win a copy of this dvd?  Grace Hill Media has graciously provided me with a copy to giveaway to one of my readers.  To enter please tell me which VeggieTale character is a favorite in your house.  Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you.  Please US residents only.  Deadline March 14th.

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