Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest post: Family Traditions part 1

Family Traditions - Part One 

by Amanda Bennette

"Hey Mom, don’t forget that we’re going out for pizza after this last game of the season. It’s a tradition, remember?"
"Dad, when are you going to get the bales of hay and pumpkins for your autumn masterpiece? Can I go, too? It’s a tradition, you know!"
Tradition—just the word sometimes sounds old and from past generations, doesn’t it? Yet family traditions have helped many a family stay together and strong over the past years, and probably for generations to come. Traditions are so important in families. The sense of security and love that is felt when observing traditions as a family will stay with our children for the rest of their lives.....(visit Amanda's Explore the World site here for the rest of the article)

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