Friday, August 6, 2010

FFF ~ Aug. 6th

1. fellow comrades (cooks) at Church camp

2. mystery gifts from campers

3. surprise mail giveaway winnings
I won this group of Simple green products over at
The Knowlton Nest
it came this week.

4. you my blog readers. Where would I be without you?? It's because of you I exist. Well, not really just my blog exists.

5. Books and my local library. I received a call last night telling me I won a gift card for Barns and Noble playing their Summer Reading Bingo game. WooHoo!!!!


  1. What a fun list! I love all things Simple Green and even better to win it I'm sure. :)

  2. Camp must have been fun. Good for you! Glad to be a blog reader for your blog. :-) Books and libraries are a perennial favorites for me! Congrats on winning the gift card.

  3. Summer camp is such a fun thing to participate in.

    I love my local library as well!

  4. I love to win things, love the library, and blog readers! Great list.

  5. A Barnes and Noble gift card would make my whole week!! Sounds like you had a good one. Happy Friday.

  6. A gift card to a book store would definitely be making my list. Had I won one. LOL. Enjoy going and choosing.

    Your camp volunteer time sounds like it was fun!

  7. yey for winning fun stuff.

    double yay for camp funness!


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