Friday, July 16, 2010

Old jewelry magnets

OK I think it's about time for me to post a craft. This one is one that I found on...

We're excited to kick off Links We Love today and, in the coming weeks, we'll be sharing crafty goodies here every Friday so be sure and check back!

This week's Link We Love comes from the website of one of our favorite magazines, Country Living!

Click to visit now!
Add a little bling to the  fridge!

Their site is packed with ideas and we
always find inspiration when we visit.

Today's idea comes from a collection of
Recycled Crafts...everyone's going green
these days but we just like the sparkle
of these jewelry magnets!

On the Country Living site, click the arrows at the top until you get
to #5...the magnets!

Join us as we make our own any photo to view it larger.

Gather up your  supplies...

You'll need a few pieces of costume jewelry,
some magnets, wire-cutters or pliers and
glue that'll work with your materials.

We used Aleen's Jewelry & Metal Glue...
it has a quick grab that we like.

Snip off those pins...
The next step is to snip off the pin or other
hardware from the back of the jewelry.

This should be pretty simple using your
wire-cutters or, if it's really stubborn,
get out the pliers.

Just a little glue...
Apply a little glue to one of your magnets. Use a toothpick to spread, if needed.

Careful if you're using this can stick to your skin like superglue so you'll want to keep it off your fingers.

Apply magnets to  jewelry...
Stick your magnet to the back of your jewelry...we're using two stacked magnets (glued together) since we couldn't get all the hardware off without damaging the piece of jewelry.

Holding the finished  product...

Hey, there's Vickie...holding
our finished magnet!

Holding up goodies on the  fridge!

And here's how they look holding up
some treasures on the fridge...
super handy for grocery lists,
notes and photos too!

Hope you enjoyed our very first Link We Love...if you decide to try out this idea,
be sure to show off your results on your blog or on our Page on Facebook.

Click over to Country Living to check out the rest of their clever
Recycled Crafts and tune in next Friday when we'll share another
great crafty blog with a project to try!

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