Monday, July 4, 2016

Sam's Top Secret Journal: Memorial Day

It's not Memorial Day, but this book is a beautiful story with a patriotic theme intertwined.  This excellent book in a series will have your tweenies wanting more of Sam's top secret mysteries.  Though this is book three in the series, I'm sure that each can be stand alone books because they each involve solving of a new and different mystery.  I was most interested in this book as is hits home with me in more ways than one:  Sam is a Down Syndrome little girl, and the main character in this series and I have a down's syndrome niece.    Also, I work with special needs in my profession as a educator.  Sam rises to her special needs challenge and come away flying high on the spectrum.  This is an excellent book with many many good leads to teach doing the right thing:  bullying, stealing and plan old having kid fun.  I so totally enjoyed this book from front to back it kept me turning the pages.  It will go in my classroom library for sure.  I look forward to reading many more books from this series. 

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Author Dr. Sean Adelman Releases Heart-warming Middle Grade Mystery
Seattle, WA: Author Dr. Sean Adelman has released the third novel in his middle grade mystery series: Sam’s Top Secret Journal: Memorial Day. Published by Raise Expectations on February 5, 2015, the novel teaches kids that being different can be a strength.
Sam is a ninth grade girl trying to enjoy her first year of high school. Sam knows she has Down syndrome but she doesn't feel different, even though other kids sometimes treat her that way.
Sam's new adventure involves a mini family reunion, exploring the interesting spaces of a retired military base and learning how hard it can be to "do the right thing". Challenges and new mysteries are all chronicled in Sam's private journal as she discovers that being yourself isn't just about what people can see; sometimes what you can't see is the most important part.
A laugh-out-loud story, Sam’s story will touch your heart and teach readers that it’s okay to be different in this exciting mystery.
About the book:
Sam’s Top Secret Journal: Memorial Day by Dr. Sean Adelman
ISBN: 978-1500456825
Publisher: CreateSpace

Date of publish: February 2015
Pages: 126
S.R.P.: $6.99
About the author:
Dr. Sean Adelman, MD, is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Seattle, WA. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder close to Dr. Sean Adelman’s heart, as his daughter, Devon, has Down syndrome. He wrote the book to give hope to parents of kids with “special needs” and create a character that would inspire others.
Dr. Sean Adelman has written two other novels in the Sam’s Top Secret Journal series and hopes to teach children acceptance through them for many years to come.

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