Saturday, August 22, 2015

Little progress!

Well last night was Aug. FNSi.  I was able to sew for a short time. But had to become an unexpected babysitter so didn't get as much accomplished as I'd hope to.  However, I did get a few hours of sewing in during the afternoon before my visitor came.  Can't say I'm a big fan of paper piecing this way......

I have had this cut out since January, but put away.  Sew I dug it out again to get a wee bit closer to getting it accomplished.  Here is what I started with....

And this is what I accomplished....

These four are completely done and ready for the next stage.

This one needs trimmed up yet

I thought this looked pretty all arranged like this.  Looks like a peppermint.

Then I started getting the hang of it and decided to do all the same steps then go press seems and work on the next piece.  Since I ultimately have to make 16 of the same piece before going on to the next step.  Although I still think I like paper piecing using the whole pattern and sewing onto it and then ripping the pattern away.  Seems less time consuming that way.

Sew I did get a little machine time in.  However, there's still lots to sew. 

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  1. The only foundation paper piecing I've done is using the whole pattern and then ripping off the paper when I'm done. Seems like it would be the easiest and least time consuming way, if you ask me ... so we're in agreement on that.

    I've got plans to keep on stitching today, but I half expect a phone call this afternoon asking if I won't watch my grands, so my day today will resemble yours from yesterday.

    Visiting from FNSI

  2. Looking good! I love the results of paper piecing, but not the process.

  3. I love Paper piecing too, visiting from FNSI enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. These blocks are just the sweetest things! Personally, I don't really enjoy paper piecing but I do love the crisp results, I think I do double the work sometimes just so I don't have to piece!


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