Saturday, August 22, 2015

Little progress!

Well last night was Aug. FNSi.  I was able to sew for a short time. But had to become an unexpected babysitter so didn't get as much accomplished as I'd hope to.  However, I did get a few hours of sewing in during the afternoon before my visitor came.  Can't say I'm a big fan of paper piecing this way......

I have had this cut out since January, but put away.  Sew I dug it out again to get a wee bit closer to getting it accomplished.  Here is what I started with....

And this is what I accomplished....

These four are completely done and ready for the next stage.

This one needs trimmed up yet

I thought this looked pretty all arranged like this.  Looks like a peppermint.

Then I started getting the hang of it and decided to do all the same steps then go press seems and work on the next piece.  Since I ultimately have to make 16 of the same piece before going on to the next step.  Although I still think I like paper piecing using the whole pattern and sewing onto it and then ripping the pattern away.  Seems less time consuming that way.

Sew I did get a little machine time in.  However, there's still lots to sew. 

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