Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today and Next week I'm going to try to Catch-up only to find myself behind again because then I'll be gone totally for a week.  So today is get 'er done day#1.  I have to schedule a weeks worth of post so you all have something to read new each day while I'm gone.  Where am I going?  I'm taking a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG fast trip.  Next Saturday I will get on Amtrak here in ND and take it all the way to Lynchburg, VA; which will take me all day Sunday and Monday meeting up with connecting trains.  Then on Tues.  morning I will help pack my college daughter's car and Tues. afternoon we'll head back to ND, hopefully arriving late Friday evening .  So I'll be totally traveled out and on the road and disconnected from cyberspace the whole week.  SSSSSSOOOOOO then I'll  be behind again.  That is the story of my life I believe.  However, I'm hoping to have stuff scheduled to appear while I'm gone so you all have new things to read.  In the mean time I'd better get going.  You all have a super weekend.

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