Friday, May 20, 2011

FFF ~ May 20, 2011

Susan over at Living to Tell the story hosts this meme each week.  I haven't posted one since Nov. so I guess it is high time. 

May Fav. Five for today are.....

AAAAHHHHHH!!!  Sun Tea.  I love sun tea and miss it during the winter months.  Made my first batch today.  Actually, enjoying my first glass of the season as I post this post.  So good-----  I have a ST jar simaliar to this one pictured, but mine is decoration only because it leaks so bad.  I wouldn't have any tea if I used it.  bummer. 

A Good Book.  And this one has proved to be just that.  I found another Fav. author. 

Sewing.  Not necessarily with this machine because it has been a lemon, but I love sewing and I need to get off here and get sewing for a brief time tonight. 

My girls.  We are having girls' movie night tonight when they get off work. 

My Computer.  Thanks for visiting my blog and reading it so faithfully. 


  1. That last graphic made me smile. Love my computer and all my friends in it...
    Have fun at girls night tonight and have a great weekend.

  2. I love sun tea! Have fun with your girls. Enjoy your weekend sewing.

  3. A good book is always worth a FFF list! HOpe you had a great girls' night!

  4. Loved the cartoon about the computer...I can so relate...I find myself repeating something on of you has said all the of my online friends is what I say..
    I haven't made sun tea in a long time but still have my jug. It doesn't have a spout. I might make some now that you've reminded me.
    Having some 'girl' time is always nice.
    Mama Bear

  5. it was fun reading your faves list and the corresponding pictures. each one of those is a fav with me too! (except i only have one daughter)

  6. Oh, I love finding a new favorite author. Girls Night sounds like fun! (I have four sons...)

    Have a great week ahead.


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