Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter by Rob and Joanna Teigen



Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life

by Rob and Joanna Teigen

From the moment your little girl was born, you knew you were going to be doing a lot of praying. So you may wonder, What exactly should I be praying for?

Collecting specific prayers you can use, along with stories from other parents about how God has answered their prayers, Rob and Joanna Teigen give you a strong foundation to build a lifelong habit of praying for your daughter. They also help you understand what girls go through growing up, including stress, purity issues, social pressure, modesty challenges, spiritual growth, and more.

Remember: you may not always understand your daughter, but God does! Start asking him for guidance, protection, and blessings today.

Wish I would have had this book about 25 years ago.  I offered to review this book in hopes of helping me find some ideas for prayers for my adult daughters.  The prayers in this book are aimed for younger aged girls school aged, teens, etc.  It is an excellent resource for those that have younger daughters, but not much so for those that have adult daughters.  As a mother of two adult daughters I needed to be using these prayers long before 18-21 years of age.  Don't get me wrong it is an excellent book, the themes/topics are right on for younger aged daughters.  I need topics for now that they are adult and married or single and on their own. I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit knows even before I pray what my adult daughters needs are.  As I pray for them He takes their needs to the throne of God for this mom.   

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