Monday, June 27, 2016

Living Hope

I'm not real big on documentaries, but this one was awesome.  I didn't feel like I was watching a documentary.  The actors keep you very engaged.  A very informative 1:30.  Living Hope gives Hope and inspiration to those  in despair and seeking.  When we are at our lowest point and no place to turn, only one direction to look and that is up.   A beautiful work that is being accomplished through this organization.  I have a niece going to Zambia this summer on a missions trip.  I'm passing this along to her maybe she'll be able to watch it before she goes.  

LIVING HOPE is the story of three extraordinary individuals who have devoted their lives to serving the poor in South Africa. It is a feature length documentary created by the filmmakers behind Journey to Everest, Apostles of Comedy, and Honoring a Father’s Dream: Sons of Lwala.  John Thomas, a pastor who is leading his church to serve the sick, hungry, and dying in the communities that surround them. Journey beside John through the neighborhoods where they work, meet the people their ministry has impacted, and hear from his heart why they chose to make a stand for the poor.  Joey Lankford, a businessman and father of four who moved his young family from the United States to Cape Town. Journey beside Joey as he equips men and women with job skills, and leads them out of the bondage of poverty.  Leonie Rustin, a single mom and nursing assistant, who turned from a life of crippling drug addiction to follow Christ. Journey beside Leonie as she attempts to help other in her community unshackle the chains of addiction and prostitution.

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