Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Ornament Exchange!+Sew+we+quilt%29

I joined in on the Christmas Ornament Exchange @ SewWeStitch this year.  It's time to reveal our goodies.  I was sew excited to received my package from Heather @ A Reformed Heath'n.  Sew set back and take a few minutes to view my Christmas decorations that I like to display every year as well as show off what I received in the exchange.

2015 National Christmas Tree in Washington, DC

First I thought I'd tribute the National Christmas Tree this year for two reasons.  1.) on the trek to its final destination this tree stopped in my mom's home town where she was among greeter's to sign the truck as it passed through.  2.) my daughter works on Capital Hill so she took the final picture.  She said, "This year the view isn't as pretty with Capital in background because of the construction that is going on with the Capital dome", any how it is what it is.

can't wait to see this smiling face get off the airplane
Just a side picture.....  daughter that works on Capital Hill can't wait til she gets home.  She's been gone 9 months. I know little off track, but indulge a mom.  ;P  OK, OK I know not what you wanted to see.

The youngest talked me into putting up the 7 foot tree this year.  The past 5 years we down-sized to a 4 foot tree.  So in honor of the oldest coming home we went for it.   Yep, in my kitchen it went.  Only place for it.  UGH!  It is close quarters, but I'm dealing with it because it is only for a short time.  Oh, yes another side track.  A mom has to be fair and not play favorites.

This one just graduated this week from Nursing school.   Already has a LPN job lined up as soon as she can take her state boards in January.  RN classes won't start til fall.

Let us not forget the Reason for the Season.  If my Lord and Savior had not came so many years ago we wouldn't have Christmas.  This is the true meaning of Christmas.  Luke 2.

Out side of the Manger Scene this is a family treasure as my husband's Uncle made this.  I love this decoration.  I know my beautiful butterfly scentsy doesn't go with the theme, but it is what it is. 

Here are a few up close pictures of our tree ornaments:

Yep, I still have a Tinker fan that lives at home.

Oh, yes she's an owl lover too.  The oldest has taken her ornaments so can't display any of her favorites.

OK now for the reveal of what I got in the ornament exchange.  

Sew Pretty Thanks Heather.  
Thanks to Mdm Samm for organizing this exchange.  

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