Friday, June 20, 2014

Blog changes....coming this fall

July and August changes are coming...Over the summer I'm going to blend together my two blogs into one.  The new name will be The Blended Blog....where books, sewing, recipes crafts, and life just happens.  I have been debating this merger since last fall.  Now that I've worked pretty much full time for 10 months I'm finding it hard to keep both blogs going.  Not much will change.  I'll still have book reviews, my life happenings (as I can post them), giveaways, and everything I've had on both blogs.  I'm just merging the information from my two blogs  4 the LOVE of BOOKS  and Scraps of Life  (this site) into one..  I do have some commitments to this URL so I need to keep them, so I'll be posting to this blog and the other one throughout the summer; however, in Sept.  the merger will be fully completed at:

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