Saturday, November 17, 2012

small progress

Handmade by Heidi

Well I was able to get a little bit of cross-stitch "x's" in on Friday night for the sew in...Actually "x's" are done on the picture itself so I was doing the outlining...tedious job of straight stitches.  Here is my progress pictures....

cross-stitch before FNSI

cross-stitch after FNSI

I was able to get some sewing on my daughter's quilt done on Thursday night, but just don't have time to post pictures right now maybe later in week I'll get some posted.


  1. Just visiting from Heidi's blog...your stitchery project looks lovely...also looks a lot of work too! lol

  2. You got a good start on the backstitching! Strange, even though most people hate doing bs, I really enjoy it... - because that means my project is nearly finished. :)


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