Saturday, July 14, 2012

My what a Whrilwind

My day yesterday was such a whrilwind I didn't know if I was coming or going at times.

Because of today being my baby's birthday and she is generally our baker, I had to make the cake.  Her request was one she saw online here.  We changed it up a tish-bit.

Oreo Delight Dream Cake

Start by baking your favorite Chocolate cake (mix or scratch) per instructions.  

Right before cake comes out of oven mix up two boxes of oreo pudding per instructions. While cake is still warm poke holes in the cake with wooden spoon handle and pour pudding over cake.

We added this step from where we got the recipe.  After pudding is set-up, frost with whipped topping and before serving add crushed oreos for garnish if desired. 

**Note:  oreos will get soggy and little yucky looking so if you want pic. perfect don't add till serving.  we learned hard way.  ;P

I don't have picture of cut product because we haven't had party as of this posting.  

Then I had to get time in to do my nails as we had a wedding to attend.

I had to treat myself with a free refresher from Starbucks too....can't have all work..

Last but not least I had to get a few stitches into the cross-stitch for FNSI...

and few is exactly what I got...


Can you tell what color was added?????  few red stitches and some green but you may not notice them as much. 

Handmade by Heidi

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